Driver Appearances


Show Car & Driver Appearance programs can further extend your brand's presence in a marketplace. Utilize these assets to support retailer, vendor, distributor, dealer and employee programs/incentives. Increase sales have been directly tied to such programs at the same time creating localized impressions amongst your clients and consumers.

Why leverage Show Car & Driver Appearances? Sponsor's Opportunities

  • Builds consumer traffic in focused marketplaces
  • Increase traffic during trade shows and corporate events increasing awareness and possible sales
  • Use to create retail program for features and displays or display only programs
  • Create consumer incentive program using the assets (i.e. driver lunch with consumer)

Why AMG? Sponsor's Gain

  • 25 Years of managing driver and Show Car appearances
  • Ability to customize program, equipment and integrate consumer pull program
  • Manage product and coupon sampling program with appearances
  • Integrated fleet of full-time drivers with years of experience executing in the marketplace
  • Track and Measure sales from start to finish of appearance