Program Leveraging


In order to create true integrated programs activation is key to the success for your brand(s). In market or trackside mobile tours should be flexible creating a consumer experience that will build your brand's awareness and add value to your sponsorships. Bring your brand to your fan. Build relationships in market with retailers and vendor partners. Sampling, demonstration, couponing and incentives will build your consumer reach, frequency of purchase and overall brand awareness.

How do you create a true integrated sponsorship program? Sponsor's Opportunity

  • Trackside and Mobile Marketing tours reach consumers
    • Gains loyalty for your brand(s)
    • Creates deeper brand awareness
    • Increases frequency of purchases
    • Extends sponsorship assets
    • Allows for demonstration of your product(s), converts shoppers into buyers, allows consumers to try it before they buy it
  • Platform can extend brand with presence or program

Why AMG? Sponsor's Gain

  • Experts in true consumer and activation integration from retail stores to trackside
    • Concept development
    • Management and collection of consumer database (increase reach with email blasts)
    • Race track brand ambassadors represent your brand(s)
  • Logistical team manages schedules, at track location for mobile units
  • Dedicated brand ambassador field teams
  • Top-notch at track and mobile tour execution
  • Branded equipment
    • Creative/Concept Development
    • Obtain, negotiate and outfit all needs of branded vehicles (customized or standard)
    • Management/Storage of branded vehicles
    • Licensing/Renewal of registration on all branded vehicles